Customer support policy

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Nagomi Security, Inc. (“Vendor”) provides support to assist our customers with the use of the Vendor products and services. Vendor is committed to providing world-class support and will undertake all due efforts, in accordance with then-current industry standards and best practices, in order to respond to support requests in accordance with the time-frames defined in the applicable Customer Support Plan, (“Support Service(s)”) as further described below.

Access to Vendor’s Customer Support services are submitted and tracked via an online ticketing system. Requests for support services (“Support Request(s)”) may be submitted either via email at [email protected]. Further the Support Portal contains community support, product documentation, and knowledge base documentation.



To receive Support Services from Vendor the customer must have an up-to-date, paid and valid subscription for such Support Service.


Vendor shall:

  • Provide access to all generally available updates, upgrades, enhancements, fixes and new versions of the software; and 
  • Provide customers with online access to a Support Portal. The support portal may include a ticket submission system, ticket statuses and history, knowledge articles and product documentation.

Customer shall:

  • Provide prompt notice of any issue via the Support Portal;
  • Provide a detailed description of the issue(s);
  • Provide promptly any additional information requested, targeted to, but not limited to reproducing the issue(s);
  • Cooperate and show good will in assisting with the investigation into the issues; and
  • Assign primary contacts who are expected to work with Vendor’s Support staff in order to solve the reported issue(s).

Service Availability

The Support Services provided by Vendor are targeted to maintain a 99.9% uptime per calendar month. The availability of such Support Services does not include regularly scheduled maintenance, downtime that results from third-party interference or which are Vendor’s reasonable control, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • An initial misconfiguration;
  • A customer cause;
  • An update to configuration that the customer has been asked to perform in advance but for which was not performed; or 
  • Failure of the Customer Internet service provider(s).


Vendor’s obligation to provide Support Services shall apply only to the supported releases per Vendor’s end-of-life policy. Any custom development done by a third-party, customer or Vendor is outside of the scope of this policy, unless explicitly agreed in a separate contract. Email submissions of tickets are treated as an information request until investigated.

Response Time

The response time is measured from the time Vendor receives the Support Request until Vendor has responded to that Support Request. Vendor does not guarantee resolution times, and a resolution may consist of a fix, workaround, service availability, or other solution what Vendor deems reasonable.

Priority Levels

A Support Request by a customer will be classified in one of four priority levels. The priority level along with the support plan will define the response times, including response-times and update frequency.

Priority 1An issue that prevents operation of critical documented functions with high frequency or duration. Essentially unable to use the product and widespread issue.
Priority 1 issues require the customer to have dedicated resources available to work on the issue on an ongoing basis with Vendor.
Priority 2An issue that consistently prevents operation of non-critical documented functions or occasionally impacts critical documented functions or a critical issue for which a temporary work around has been provided.
Priority 3An issue that has some impact on administration, non-critical operation or other secondary functions or a major issue for which a temporary work around has been provided.
Priority 4The services are unaffected; Customer requests product related technical advice or general information and feature questions related to the products.

Priority 1 Cases

Vendor will provide continuous efforts (24/7/365) to resolve Priority 1 Support Requests, until a workaround or resolution can be provided or until the issue can be downgraded to a lower severity.

Upgrade/Downgrade of Priority Level

If, during the Support Request process, the issue either (i) requires assignment of a higher priority level than currently assigned; or (ii) no longer requires the priority level currently assigned, based on its current impact to the product or services, then the priority level will be upgraded or downgraded accordingly to the priority level that most appropriately reflects the current impact.

Support Plans

Vendor’s Premium Customer Support Plan is included in all Vendor subscriptions.

Premium Plan 
Enterprise Support 24×7
Premium Plan Performance Metrics
Community Support
Web Portal
Email ticket creation
Level 2 (Pool)

Vendor will undertake all due efforts in order to respond to Support Requests, in accordance with then-current industry standards and best practices, and endeavors to respond in a manner consistent with the time-frames defined in the selected Customer Support Plan. All time-frames defined in the applicable Customer Support Plan are only available and calculated during and within such Customer Support Plan’s business support hours, as set forth below.

Premium Plan Performance Metrics

ClassificationTime to First ResponseUpdate Frequency
Priority 1Acknowledgment within (1) hours of Customer’s submission of support request.(2)  hours
Priority 2Acknowledgment within (2) hours of Customer’s submission of support request(4)  hours
Priority 3Acknowledgment within (4) hours of Customer’s submission of support request(8)  hours
Priority 4Acknowledgment within (8) hours of Customer’s submission of support request(8)  hours

Business Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year