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  • Nathan Burke

Today, we announced that what was formerly known as Vena Security has emerged from stealth with a new name, a funding round, and a mission to help security teams optimize, measure, and maximize the impact and ROI of their security investments.

The Problem: 80% of Breaches Occur at Organizations That Already Had a Tool That Could Have Prevented it.

After spending a year talking to security teams, it’s easy to understand the frustration: we buy security tools, configure them correctly on day one, but as time goes by there’s a gap. This could be due to:

  • New attack vectors – cyber criminals changing their methods
  • New security tool features – vendors adding new defensive features, but customers aren’t aware they exist and they go unused
  • Changing priorities – many security teams are so busy reacting to alerts that they simply never get around to reconfiguring their tools to combat changing threats

In fact, one CISO put it very succinctly:

  1. Show me where I thought I had effective controls, but they’ve degraded.
  2. Show me where I’m exposed.
  3. Tell me exactly what to do to close the gap – with the tools I already have.

What’s In a Name? Nagomi

Earlier this year, we started to explore new names. Vena was a great name while we were in stealth, but we needed something different. Something unique. And as we started to think of a name, we kept coming up with themes that talked about balance, about being more thoughtful, realistic, and measured than the cybersecurity vendors that lead with fear. And that’s where we found Nagomi, which means:

  1. Maintaining happy relationships with your loved ones – even when you disagree with them.
  2. Learning new things while always staying true to yourself.
  3. Finding a sense of peace in whatever you are doing. 
  4. Mixing and blending unlikely components to strike a harmonious balance

The idea of peace, balance, and learning aren’t what you normally think of when you picture a cybersecurity vendor, and that’s exactly what we like about it. There is no such thing as perfect security, and just buying more tools doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more secure. But if you can make the most of what you have, you can become more proactive.

The Nagomi Team

Being in stealth means that the amazing work the team has done since January 2023 has been done behind the curtain. But now we can start to highlight the amazing team we have, with employees representing some of the best cybersecurity companies in history. 

This is only day one, but we will have many different contributors adding content – from security research to thought leadership, product features, partnerships and integrations, and much more.

Our Funding Round: New and Existing Partnerships

When it comes to choosing partners like investors and technology companies, there’s the objective side (dollars, integration) and then there’s the part that’s harder to quantify. We are incredibly fortunate to have some of the best investors in our industry as part of the team:


From our seed funding in January of 2023 to now, we are proud to be a part of the Team8 portfolio. Read the full post on Team8’s investment in Nagomi here.

“When we first connected with Nagomi, we knew right away that the team and technology were world-class, but what has excited us the most is seeing the customer response to being able to finally quantify how effective their security stacks are. The time to value with Nagomi’s Proactive Defense Platform is remarkable. The technology is enterprise ready and customers see value immediately. It’s not surprising that Nagomi already has such incredible business momentum – it offers the rare trifecta of innovation, simplicity, and measurable results.”

Liran Grinberg, co-founder and Managing Partner, Team8


TCV led the round, and posted about why they invested in Nagomi here. From  Morgan Gerlak, Partner, TCV:

“Nagomi is leading the charge on proactive security. Security teams are constantly deploying new tools and maintaining old ones. This leads to fragmentation and an internal battle to ensure tools are optimally configured against the ever-changing threat landscape. We believe Nagomi’s Proactive Defense Platform addresses this reality and can substantially improve how organizations close coverage gaps, map threats, and ultimately, protect themselves.”

Morgan Gerlak, Partner, TCV


As a leader in helping organizations protect against ever-evolving threats, we are proud to count CrowdStrike as an investor and partner. Read the CrowdStrike blog post “Falcon Fund in Focus: Nagomi Helps Customers Maximize Their Cybersecurity Investments” From Gur Talpaz, VP of Corporate Development, CrowdStrike: 

​​”Nagomi has developed a highly innovative approach to maximizing the efficacy of security controls. Through highly integrated adaptive defense, Nagomi analyzes threats in the context of the customer’s unique security estate, ensuring that configurations are continuously refined to optimize security posture amid the rapidly evolving adversary landscape.”

Gur Talpaz, VP of Corporate Development, CrowdStrike


A leader in securing identity, we are proud to welcome Okta as a partner and investor. From  Austin Arensberg, Senior Director, Okta Ventures:

At Okta Ventures, our mission is to partner with the teams and technologies that have what it takes to move the needle, and Nagomi fits this bill perfectly. The Nagomi Proactive Defense Platform is powerful, helping customers achieve the efficiency they need to get the most out of their existing technologies and, ultimately, best protect themselves from emerging threats. We are thrilled to partner with the company as it navigates this next stage of growth.”

Austin Arensberg, Senior Director, Okta Ventures

Angel Investors

In addition to the investors above, we want to thank angel investors Shlomo Kramer, founder of Check Point, Imperva, and Cato Networks, Nir Polak, founder of Exabeam, Guy Podjarny, founder of Snyk, and Galina Antova, founder of Claroty. 

All Right! I’m Interested! Where Do I See the Product??

You’ve come to the right place! Take a look at the short video below:

Make sure to visit our Platform Page and Product Tour, and don’t miss our resource center where you’ll find customer case studies, videos, and more. 

And of course: when you’re ready to see a demo and start a trial, we can make that happen, too. 



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