Heavy Hitter: Nagomi Named to Redpoint’s InfraRed 55 Days After Emerging from Stealth

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  • Danielle Lewan
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Since emerging from stealth in April, Nagomi Security has swiftly captured attention as one of the top 100 cloud infrastructure companies—an achievement that speaks volumes about our approach to cybersecurity. What sets us apart? It’s not by being a great cloud security solution. It’s our unique ability to address a longstanding challenge in cybersecurity with a scalable, cloud-delivered solution.

Simplifying the Sophisticated

People spend too much time focusing on trying to understand the complex cybersecurity landscape. This results in many vendors only emphasizing securing the cloud itself. Our mission here at Nagomi goes deeper: we empower organizations to leverage their existing tools effectively, reducing their threat profiles comprehensively.

Our rapid rise in the industry underscores the demand for practical, scalable solutions that enhance cybersecurity posture. By harnessing cloud technology, we not only streamline operations but also provide actionable insights that empower organizations to stay ahead of threats proactively.

Empowering Security Teams with Proactive Defense

At the heart of Nagomi Security’s mission is empowering security teams to navigate the complexities of cyber risk with confidence. Our Proactive Defense Platform leverages advanced analytics and threat intelligence to map existing security tools to actionable insights. This approach not only enhances threat detection and response, but also enables organizations to make every dollar invested in security count.

Imagine a skilled boxer equipped with advanced training and real-time coaching during a match. Just as a boxer relies on their corner team for strategic advice and updates on their opponent’s moves, cybersecurity teams leverage advanced analytics and threat intelligence for proactive defense.

  • Advanced Analytics: Similar to a boxer analyzing their opponent’s movements for patterns and weaknesses, advanced analytics in cybersecurity processes data to identify anomalies and potential threats within a network. This enables teams to predict and counteract cyber threats effectively.
  • Threat Intelligence: Like a boxer receiving real-time updates on their opponent’s strategy and vulnerabilities, threat intelligence provides cybersecurity teams with ongoing information about emerging threats, known vulnerabilities, and tactics used by cyber adversaries. This knowledge helps teams stay ahead in the cybersecurity arena.
  • Mapping Existing Security Tools: Just as a boxer adjusts their strategy based on real-time coaching, cybersecurity teams integrate threat intelligence with existing security tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. This integration enhances these tools’ effectiveness in detecting and mitigating cyber threats, ensuring robust defense mechanisms.
  • Actionable Insights: Ultimately, similar to how a boxer’s corner team provides actionable advice during a match, advanced analytics and threat intelligence in cybersecurity deliver actionable insights. These insights empower teams to take proactive defense measures, make informed decisions, and effectively protect against cyber threats in real-time.

Success from Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing involves sparring with an imaginary opponent (often in a mirror) to practice boxing technique with zero equipment. Shadowboxing is an unbeatable way to master the foundations of boxing and hone your technique. This is where Nagomi started – and it’s paying off – only 55 short days later. 

What’s next? We’re constantly researching and developing new ways to outsmart cyber threats. Our goal? Anticipating the next wave of cyber threats and empowering people to then optimize existing solutions to stay secure, agile, and resilient.

Learn More

Curious to learn how Nagomi Security is encouraging security teams to optimize their existing tool stack? Dive deeper into our Proactive Defense Platform and see how we’re helping businesses stay secure and ahead of the curve. Visit to get started.

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