Our mission

To give security teams the confidence to objectively balance risk and defense. Our vision is to help organizations increase their cybersecurity maturity, optimize their defenses, be more proactive, and make the most of their technology investments. Armed with tangible measurement, prescriptive remediation plans, and threat context, security teams can confidently balance risk, defense, and make better business decisions.

Our story

What’s in a name? When we were still in stealth, we started to look for a name that was all about balance amid chaos. Confidence in knowing who you are. The belief that there’s beauty in imperfection, and that growth only comes from learning from mistakes. Too often in cybersecurity we focus on the technology rather than the people. We wanted a name that expressed the human side of what cybersecurity stands for.

By the numbers

Leadership team

Emanuel Salmona

Co-Founder and CEO

Jonathan Meler

Co-Founder and CPO

Shai Mendel

Co-Founder and CTO

Nathan Burke

Chief Marketing Officer


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